Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Duckers

Also while I was in Utah, I was able to see some other friends the Duckers.  They used to live in Rigby and have since moved down to Lehi for work.

Dorian and Carson.

Melissa and Tessa.

For the record I don't think orange and red go together, I was just out of clean clothes!

Lake Powell

My Friend Jeff Evans invited me to go boating down in lake Powell.  
The scenery was amazing and I met some great people.
So this was crazy!  These people had actually dug out a mountain and built a store in it.
Here is a picture from inside.  Almost all the walls were rock as well.  Pretty cool.
I met some really fun people.  Brittney here let me stay the night at her house before we had ever even met officially.  Very brave of her, although I like to think I am not weird!  Cole and I have actually been friends for along time.  He sold pest control with me my very first year in California, and we realized a couple of years ago that we had a Jeff as a common friend.
Here are Megan, Julie, Camille and Amber.  They were hilarious, and truthfully only Megan knew how to swim.  They wouldn't get in the water unless they could touch the bottom without life jackets.
I thought they were joking at first, but somehow there are 4 girls 
that are at least 24 that don't know how to swim.
Here is my friend Jeff Evans.  The man with the boat that made this awesome trip possible.
The view was amazing.
There we several neat coves and overhangs.
I even jumped off one of the rocks.
We also went and explored some cool Indian ruins.
Here is Brittney in the fire place of one of the huts.
Here are Cole and I looking in tough in front of some Indian paintings.

This was the entrance to one of the small huts.
We actually had to hike through some foliage to get there.  
Here is Jeff and Camille.  And girls wonder why we say they are bad drivers....lol
On the second day we came to this channel and swam back in about 100 yards and then we got to 
follow the canyon through some pools and other cool things.  
We all swam with our thongs on our hands so we could wear them
for the hike once we got there.
This is a typical Jeff picture with two girls.
And Lastly here I am with the all 5 of the girls that went with us!

It was a really fun trip and I was glad I finally made it down to Lake Powell.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trip Back To the West

So unfortunately this time I had to drive back by myself.  I didn't end up being too bad because I kind of broke the trip into segments (and because I listened to a whole season of a BONES on the way).

I left Thursday afternoon and drove to the border of Kentucky and Illinois.  I slept there for a few hours at a rest area and then drove to Omaha.  I got to see my friends Ryan and Jackie, who I stayed with on my way out and then the next morning I went and saw a high school friend.

Here is Dave Moore and Myself.  He actually just finished his law degree 
and has been practicing for about a year.
Here Dave and I are with his wife Trinity.  

Here is the whole Moore Family.

I finally left Omaha around 1:30.  I had hoped to leave around noon but was
 having a good time chatting with the Moores.

I ended up getting into Salt Lake City around 1 A.M.
And then I got to spend some time with the Pattersons.
We had a lot of fun.  We went to breakfast in Park city and Darrin and I began a new tradition of playing one set of tennis whenever we can. (at this rate we estimated it will take a decade to finish the match)
Also while I was there, Mindy and Darrin went to a U2 Concert, so I got to babysit Kai.  We had a 
a great time outside kicking the ball and playing basketball.  Then we watched Curious George and read books.  I was supposed to sing him a couple songs before he went to sleep, which I didn't anticipate being a problem.  However apparently I don't know that many.  So, I made several verses up to Book of Mormon stories, and he didn't seem to mind.

Also While I was in Utah I got to see a couple good friends Jeff and Candice at a birthday party for Jeff.

Anyway it has been nice to be back out west and see so many people that I have missed!  Although 
I can say without any reservation I have not missed the weather out here!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Charity Ball (Law School Prom)

So for end of the year Social, we went down to an expensive 
golf course and had our Charity Ball.
 I went down with some good buddies.  Here is Me, Tyler, and Ryan.
Tyler and Tyler
The view from our room.  This place was amazing!  And it was all for golf lol!
Now here were some of the girls that made the drive with us.  
Or actually it was just Kristen, and we met up with Caroline down at the hotel.

Everyone looked great.  Here are several pictures of lots of my different friends 
I have met at Florida Coastal School of Law.
Chantal Pillay and her fiance Beau.
Chris Basler, our SBA President, and my good friend Ashley Decker.
Here is Ian Brown, quite possibly the funniest person I have met in Florida (who is also from Idaho),
 his wife Aubrey, Me, Holly Bayham, and Caitlin Milo!
Jennie Simons and I.  
Since then we have now been grouped as Mock Trial Partners!
My Good friend Jessica Brown and I.  
And apparently I was having tie issues.
Jessica Sexton, Our Vice president and me.
Matt Roepstorff, and Bingbong.
Here are two of my favorite people I have met in Florida,  
Tom and Erin.  Tom helps me get through the complicated material in class, 
and Erin is always planning some fun sports activity for us to attend!
Here are Malley and Bingbong singing to end the party.  Nothing is dull with them around.
The guy on the left was actually my teacher's assistant for my writing and research class, Patrick Sullivan.

So a little peek into one of my days outside of the library!  
There are some Fun and exciting days in Law School!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up Installment # 1

So I am way behind as usual on this and things will doubtfully ever get better, but....better late than never right!

So here are a few pictures form the tail end of my Christmas break!

Addy was showing me her how she makes her hair
so pretty by sleeping with socks in her hair!
My beautiful Mother and I.
We went to pick Up Rochelle's Mom and her dog.  I like to think the kids are excited
to see me, but the dog may have me beat!
Also I am not sure how you moms do it.  Taking children into public is quite the adventure.
I think I ran around our table 15 times chasing kids.
Here are Addison and Ry with some of their
 cousins and the Red Robin Bird.

Then we met up with Trevor and Carson for his Cub Scout meeting.
Ry was running all over the place, and I have to admit it was a LONG meeting,
so I completely understood his need to let some energy out.
Rylan and I made quite the ruckus and I believe the meeting was about being obedient
and having good manners.  Not my strong suit, so I helped Ry where I could!

I had such a good time with Rylan.  And he is so fun to get out of his crib after a nap.
You ask him if he needs a treat, and he says, "yeah I need a treat" in the cutest voice.
Oddly he is not quite as cute when it is time to go down for his nap.

Somehow I didn't manage to get any good pictures of Rochelle and Carson, but I will be
resolving that problem at the family reunion, so both of you be ready!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Pettingill

I was so glad I got to spend a day with my Grandparents Pettingill.

Grandma's beautiful christmas tree.

Grandpa made his famous pancakes, and Grandma
made my favorite eggs and bacon.

I sure love these guys.  We had a great day chatting and catching up.

Three generations of Pettingills.